How To Take Measurement Of Your Kid’s Feet For Muck Boots?

Muck boots are an essential when you are sending your kids to some camp, hiking, or some gardening work, or projects under the sun or cold weather through the day. Deciding the size of the boots before buying is the most important step to be taken. Based on the recognition of the correct size, you may place your requirement. It’s actually a daunting task for the growing up feet. For adults, you have a fixed size, and need not worry about sizes normally, as it won’t change. But for kids, as they are growing fast, you may actually waste your money on the wrong sized footwear if you rely on the size recorded six months earlier. Therefore you have to measure the right size before ordering the muck boots for kids.

How to measure the feet

The muck boot company has a nice set of instructions to measure the feet to get to the right size. You can follow that to understand pretty well how to measure the feet size.

  • You need a pen or pencil for marking and a blank paper.
  • Make your kid stand straight on the paper with a little inclination forward to press the foot full length on the paper firmly.
  • Make a marking behind the heel, and one in front of the longest toe.

That’s it and the measurements are taken. You may find out that the lengths of the two feet are different, and in that case you should consider going with the measure of the longer foot. Your kid’s feet size would be considered the lower numeric in case of a 1/2 if she is a girl. If he is a boy, then the upper figure would be the size in case of a measurement with a 1/2. With this measurement you may then order your kid’s muck boots from the muck boot company.

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